ALTairEGO new products !

Now available, the new ALTairEGO Mini tyre cushions sets especilly studied for Minis, classic Fiat 500, and other small naughties !

Alpine su set ALTaiEGO Comfort 350 Compact

Fiat 500 on ALTairEGO set Comfort 300 Mini
Alpine on ALTairEGO set Comfort 350 Compact
Now available, the new ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets especially studied and manufactured for small cars like the Mini, classic Fiat 500 (1955-2000), other Fiat 600, 850, Simca 1000, NSU 4,  1000, TT, TTS, Autobianchi and others. Produced with a very special material, they are adapted perfectly and specifically to this series of cars with kerb weight up to 1800 lbs / 800 Kg.

Available in the lines Comfort 300 Mini and SToraway 250 Mini.