ALTairEGO new products !

Now available, the new ALTairEGO Mini tyre cushions sets especilly studied for Minis, classic Fiat 500, and other small naughties !

ALTairEGO tyre cushion set Comfort 250 Mini

Now available, the new ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets especially studied and manufactured for small cars like the Mini, classic Fiat 500 (1955-2000), other Fiat 600, 850, Simca 1000, NSU 4,  1000, TT, TTS, Autobianchi and others. Produced with a very special material, they are adapted perfectly and specifically to this series of cars with kerb weight up to 1800 lbs / 800 Kg.

Available in the lines Comfort 300 Mini and SToraway 250 Mini.