ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets

Here we are ??  the true specialist of your recurrent problem ! Your obssession ! the tyre flat spot

Pregio! srl with headquarter in Lugo di Ravenna, Italy, manufactures the famous ALTairEGO tyre cushons sets. Like us they are italian.  Raw materials and manufacturing operations are all made in Italy. 100 % Made in Italy.

They are unique on the marketplace and allow to the tyre to encrease consistently its proper footprint on the ground, more than 400 %. The image, inside our brochure, on two full pages, allows to consider this result as dimensions of both footprints are real, in scale 1:1.

One tyre (215/65 x 16) presents a thread's footprint on the ground of roughly 185 sqcm, while the same tyre when laying inside an ALTairEGO tyre cushion shows a footprint with additional tyre bearing surface upto 700 sqcm. This allows to the car's kerb weight to be divided per 4, reducing though the car kerb weight from 2 Kg per sqcm when on the ground to 500 grs per sqcm when inside the cushion.
This result evidences that tyre does not feel the car's kerb weight when parked or stored even for a long storage period.  This hypothesis is a car with kerb weight around 1800 Kg on ALTairEGO tyre cushions Comfort 500 Super model, perfectly suitable for cars with kerb weight lower than 2000 Kg.

This is only one example for a car as described while ALTairEGO tyre cushions are offered in three products lines each one of them taking into consideration the fundamental 3 aspects to resolve your problem:

-  kerb weight

-  tyres width 

-  expected use/utilization

which are as follows:

- frequent ( they are so easy to use that anyone finishes by parking directly in the cushions ) even without external help (fundamental !) with the "Comfort" models and thanks to their dimensions which enable any owner to use them daily!

- use at the dealership, where Showster models are slightly reduced in their dimensions in respect to the above Comfort models

- for medium-long periods, during winter times but also for storage / "hivernage" companies with the SToraway line models. They have much restrained measures but are appeciated due to their real performance ratio of quality/performance/cost.  As it is only for long period storing, to enter the cushions, one may need a little external help to reach the target.  Being of limited dimensions in respect to the Comfort line, they are perfect for the job and they do it. As parking is for at least 3 to 4-5 months, the disturb is only once a year; i.e. just before winter comes. Exit is easy, identical to all other models. 

Showster and SToraway have same efficiency, exactly like Comfort.

ALTairEGO ! a Pregio's product! A real asset !