Aston Martin EVO Zagato

The last news concerning ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets to avoid tyre flat spot

When you buy two together, one DB4 Zagato Continuation and the newest one, the Evo Zagato, one remains in garage. So why don't you provide it with a set of ALTairEGO tyre cushions, perfectly suitable for that car ??!! The one remainig in garage, while on the ALTairEGO tyre cushions set won't get flat spot and will remain, even for a long time, as if you had driven it the day before !! That's ALTairEGO, unique product engineered in different versions and sizes to suit perfectly any vehicle.

Aston Martin Zagato prototype

 Aston Martin Zagato prototype
 The last DB Zagato before the old glory DB4 Zagato continuation!
The old glory DB4 Zagato continuation before the recent one !
15 May 2020