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The last news concerning ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets to avoid tyre flat spot

On the booth "Ferdinand" and "Etoile Passion" magazines, a nice event ! A really beautifull Porsche 911 RS 2.7 cool on a set of ALTairEGO tyre cushions, model Comfort Midget 400 for light sportscars and collection cars, with kerb weight upto 1.500 Kg. Furthermore in the three lines of ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets are present different models all specific to a car's kerb weight. To see on www.altairego.it

08 February 2020

A Porsche 911, Carrera, 2.7 litres on an ALTairEGO tyre cushions set, precisely the Comfort Midgte 400 set, for passion cars of kerb weight upto 1.500 Kg (3.300 lbs). Are present in the same line other different models in respect to the specific car kerb weight. 

In the whole range there are 3 lines of products: Comfort, Showster and SToraway which consider and this is unique, not only the vehicule's kerb weight but also the car's utilization.

That's why PREGIO! srl  manufactures 3 lines of products: Comfort for some passion cars collector, Showster, for dealerships, as Showster is somehow more elegant thanks to its somehow reduced dimensions and finally SToraway, for storage, "gardiennage" companies or great number of cars collectors.

ALTairEGO is the only product, specific product, which considers, exactly and precisley, the end user's needs !! and fully satisfy them !!