ALTairEGO tyre cushions set, Showster line

ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets to avoid tyre flat spot

ALTairEGO Showster line tyre cushions sets riduce pressure on the ground during parking at dealership avoiding flat spot or tyre ovalization. Also perfect for parking two cars, one behind the other in a row as made of double ramps cushions only.

Showster 2020 collection with 3 models for cars with kerb weight between 4.400 and 8.800 lbs

The Showster line is manufactured in 3 models, with different weight, dimensions and thicknesses applications.

Showster is manufactured in only double ramps cushions. One set always includes 4 cushions.

The ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets are unique and the richness of the line allows to adapt a product almost specific to the car's tyres it is supposed to preserve.

The Showster cushions line is spacious to fit perfectly an easy and comfortable Showroom/dealership use. The driver can enter and exit the tyre cushions by himself, or with a very little help from a colleague in both directions. They support vehicles with kerb (unladen) weight up to 6.600 lb; the most frequent cars present on the market.

The Showster line includes:

- 450 SHD Super for vehicles and sportscars with a kerb (unladen) weight maximum of 2.000 Kg / 4.400 lbs; i.e. for almost all supercars like the last Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and other recent supercars but also for the smaller and lighter sportscars like Alfa Romeo, Lotus, MG, Osca, Triumph, but also many Ferrari vintage and other light classic sportscars.

- 425 SHD Magna, for vehicles with a kerb (unladen) weight up to a maximum of  2.750 Kg / 6.000 lbs; for example for many classic and vintage cars.

- 400 SHD Premium for vehicles with a kerb(unladen) weight up to 3.300 Kg / 7.250 lbs; i.e to host luxury and heavy vehicles like Bentley, Rolls Royce, but even big SUV like the american Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Explorer e Expedition, GMC Yukon and the japanese Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Armada, Toyota Land Cruiser and others.

       Model           Length    - Flat part x Width x height x Maximum kerb(unladen)weight

- 450 SHD Super 600 mm - 450 mm x 450 mm x 65 mm x 4.400 lb (4 double ramps cushions)

How to read the data:

Length 600 - 450 mm = Total length 600 mm while flat part is 450 mm long.

- 450 SHD Super       600 mm - 450 mm x 450 mm x 65 mm for vehicles with kerb (unladen) weight upto 4.400 lbs (4 identical double ramps cushions)
- 425 SHD Magna     650 mm - 465 mm x 425 mm x 75 mm for vehicles with kerb (unladen) weight upto 6.000 lbs (4 identical double ramps cushions)

- 400 SHD Premium 700 mm - 485 mm x 400 mm x 85 mm for vehicles with kerb (unladen) weight upto 7.250 lbs (4 identical double ramps cushions)

Engineering comes from Switzerland while production has been organized and is located in Italy.

The ALTairEGO tyre cushions, innovative and exclusive product, matches perfectly the shape of the tyre of any vehicle avoiding the forming of the flat spot or its ovalization. The tyres, once in the cushions, are sustained in such a way that they seem like being suspended in the air ! scattering the vertical pressure in a omegenous way; action which does not happen when the vehicle is simply parked with the tyres directly in contact with the ground. It allows a sporadic use of the veihicle without the well known diffects of hopping and further very negative handling during the first miles; without considering the irrevocable damages occured to the tyres. Therefore, comfort and handling as good as if your car/supercar were driven daily !

The product is manufactured with very high performance and quality foam which gives, as a result, a high suspensory capacity. A composite material panel is then inserted in it. This allows to the cushion to remain stable when on the ground and when driving on or descending it.

The various models are identical in the manufacturing operation and quality. Only its external dimensions change in respect to the specificity of the model in respect to the vehicle characteristics and its specific use; frequent use/parking operations, medium term or long term parking/storage.

With the ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets, no further needs of high jacks, blocks or other systems !

One can park climbing on the cushions and the day after, for example, enters his car, starts the engine and descends the cushions ! Simply !

ALTairEGO is a Pregio! product! A valuable Pregio! srl product.